Uit een uitgebreide analyse van de uitkomsten van het NTP- onderzoek blijkt een duidelijke associatie te worden aangetoond tussen de straling van mobiele telefoons en het ontstaan van DNA schade.

Het NTP- onderzoek, welke geinitieerd is door de Amerikaanse overheid, is eén van de grootste en uitgebreidste onderzoeken die is gedaan naar de effecten van de straling van mobiele telefoons

[Nov 2019]

Enkele uitspraken naar aanleiding van de publicatie van deze analyse:

“We can no longer ignore the mounting scientific evidence that proves ordinary cell phone radiation leads to DNA damage, the very basic building blocks of all living things. It’s time for federal action to reduce exposure to the public,” stated Devra Davis PhD, MPH, President of Environmental Health Trust.

“Cell phones came on the market with the assumption that cell phone radiation was safe- as long as it did not create significant heat. This study shows such assumptions are wrong.  An important lesson that should be learned from this study is that we can no longer assume that any current or future wireless technology, including 5G, is safe without adequate testing,” stated Ron Melnick, PhD, lead designer of the study and as Senior Toxicologist at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences now retired. 

“Unfortunately the cell phone wireless safety standards in North America are based on a theory that’s many decades old, that if tissue doesn’t get heated by the radiation, it can’t cause harm. In this study, the radiation exposure to the animals was carefully controlled to ensure that tissues were not heated, yet DNA damage was caused. Thus, FCC and Health Canada wireless radiation limits are not sufficiently protective. This study adds to the large body of ever growing research showing that non-ionizing radiation that does not heat tissue can and does cause harm to humans”, stated Anthony Miller MD, former Director of the Epidemiology Unit of the National Cancer Institute of Canada, Professor Emeritus, Dalla Lana School of Public Health University of Toronto and senior advisor to Environmental Health Trust 

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