emr ausIn de nieuwsbrief van EMR Australia - Juni 2017 - staan weer vele interessante ontwikkelingen.

Zo worden, ook al, in Roemenie en Griekenland dringende aanbevelingen gedaan om de blootstelling aan Radiofrequente Velden te verminderen.


Verder in deze nieuwsbrief:

* Courts recognise mobile phone-cancer risks
Two recent legal judgments strengthen the link between mobile phone radiation and brain tumours.


* Maryland recommends WiFi precautions in schools
An advisory Council to the City of Maryland has issued a report recommending precautions to reduce children's exposure to wireless radiation in schools.


* Mobile phone warning from Romania
The Romanian Consumers' Association has released a string of recommendations aimed at reducing people's exposure to radiofrequency radiation from mobile phones and other mobile devices.


* Athens Medical Association
The Athens Medical Association has released '16 Rules for Safer Use of Wireless Communication'.



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