whophoneOud United Nations-medewerker Olga Sheean uit stevige kritiek op de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie (WHO). Het lopende EMF-project van de WHO waarin gekeken wordt naar de gezondheidsrisicos van EM-velden blijkt door ICNIRP en industrie-leden geinfiltreerd en gemanipuleerd.

Voor het bewaken van de wereldgezondheid is het cruciaal dat de tienduizenden studies en waarschuwingen van wetenschappers serieus worden genomen om grootschalige gezondheidsschade te voorkomen.



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***  De ongewenste invloed op het EMF-project:

Driven/lobbied by the telecoms industry, ICNIRP members play a leading role in the preparation of WHO's Monograph on Environmental Health Criteria on RF EMFs (such as cellphone radiation) that will influence the future of wireless technologies.



***  Michael Repacholi die als ICNIRP-member de leiding heeft genomen bij WHO's Task Group voor beoordeling van de gezondheidseffecten van EMV en de toereikendheid van zijn eigen ICNIRP-normen.  Opvolger van Repacholi is nu Emilie van Deventer.

[T]he evidence is clear that Michael Repacholi has used his standing in both WHO and ICNIRP
[International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection] to stack WHO’s [EHC] Task Group
for power frequency exposures with representatives of the power industry in contravention of WHO

This action can only be construed as being aimed at ensuring that industry involvement in
determining the WHO Environmental Health Criteria will bias ICNIRP’s risk assessment for power
frequency exposure limits for years to come. This will conveniently provide economic protection for
the industry against the need to spend enormous sums of money on upgrading distribution systems as
well as the risks of litigation.

Such a blatant disregard for the fundamental principles of credible science, as well as WHO’s mission
of protecting world health, speaks of a desperation to bury independent science at all costs, even if
that cost is the integrity of WHO

—Hans Karow, Coalition to Reduce Electropollution (CORE)


“Industry is not interested in your health. They want the network to work properly.”

—Emilie van Deventer, speaking to journalist Karl Muller at a SABS/STUK conference in Johannesburg in 2007 (pers comms)


***  De insteek en opzet van het WHO-consult van onafhankelijke wetenschappers is op voorhand al dubieus en incompleet. Vele honderden peer-reviewed onderzoeken worden genegeerd door de WHO.

"In response to WHO’s call for consultations on the draft monograph, numerous other
independent scientists and researchers have pointed out its glaring bias, lack of transparency,
and incompleteness—all of which make a complete mockery of the consultation process."


“My problem is the unfinished documents and the missing, unwritten chapters. This is not how consultation
should be done. Documents should be ready, including conclusions and recommendations. As it is now,
the WHO EMF Project is pretending to conduct consultations…”14
—Dr Dariusz Leszczynslki, PhD, MSc, DSc

“The WHO draft is biased towards a null result. Findings of an association between the use of wireless
phones (mobile phones and cordless phones) and an increased risk of brain tumours are misinterpreted,
selectively reported and/or omitted in total. The draft cannot be used as a science-based evaluation of
increased risk. It must be re-written in a balanced way by scientists trained in epidemiology and oncology—not to mention medicine—and without any conflict of interest.”

—Dr Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD and Michael Carlberg, MSc
Department of Oncology, University Hospital, Örebro, Sweden

“...This is not a review of the science. The [RF EHC] appears to be another whitewash to allow yet another
‘pass’ for an industry reaping trillions of dollars each year, while an unsuspecting public bears
the massive costs—increasing RF exposure that diminishes the quality of life, slows productivity due to
lost work time and diminished performance, and overwhelms healthcare systems worldwide. This is blind
short-term gain for immediate profit. It is a crime against humanity.”

—Susan Foster, MSW, Advisor, EM Radiation Research Trust